Hello World!

I know it’s little late in the day to start a parenting blog now, as my sass a frass little man is cutting his 2-yrs molars and is in the twilight zone (read “terrible twos”). And oftentimes when I ask for a smile I usually get a sulky meh.

Stop (s)mothering me…yadda yadda…!

PUHLEASE!  I am not perturbed by his age. If anything, I better start blogging now then later when he grows demonically embarrassed by me.

So with fluttering hearts and wobbly fingers I am starting a new journey today, and I would love to give you a glimpse of our life living in Delhi NCR, minus the cliches!

Wish me luck!



8 thoughts on “Hello World!

  1. Gud luck MOM..or must say Chanda. It’s high time though, that you give some credit to Aunty Chanda for forcing you to read news papers out loud(one of the many forces😊😊)…waiting for some fun stories…go gal go…😊😊

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      1. Mi sono sentita dire spesso che metto serenità.Ma anche ansia e stress.Sono io o gli altri a prendermi in così tanti modi diversi? Mah…Io, comunque, spesso riesco a darmi serenità da sola. Il che non è male! ;-hswegirlhit)thetuitcase.blogspot.com


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